Empowering healthcare professionals with the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to excel and make a difference.

At Pinson & Tang, we provide trusted, clear, and consistent teaching and resources for coding specialists, CDI specialists, and physicians.

By bringing simplicity to complex concepts we arm you with the authoritative, essential information you need to know on a daily basis, so that you feel more confident and more capable.

In other words: we’re here to make your life easier.  Because your work is important, but so is your sanity.

We’ve spent the last two decades designing effective, efficient, sustainable programs that empower people to do their jobs better (and happier) and create real results for hospitals.

We’re extremely proud of the impact that our clinical documentation improvement programs have had on both documentation accuracy as well as financial performance.

Richard D. Pinson

Richard D. Pinson


Cynthia L. Tang

Cynthia L. Tang


Updated every year, our succinct yet powerful resource, The CDI Pocket Guide enhances diagnosis accuracy, enables teams to work together more efficiently, minimizes inconsistencies, improves documentation, and boosts hospital revenue.

No longer is it necessary to pay exorbitant amounts of money to be consulted on excessive, unnecessary information. And instead? Get access to the vital information you need every day—right in your pocket.

What we do

In addition to our various online products, we offer the following services to our clients.

Education & Training

We provide classroom, hands-on training for your CDI and inpatient coding specialists as well as tailored seminars for physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

Consulting & Support

We can help you identify the strengths and opportunities associated with your existing program and provide insights into program design that are most effective for your organization.


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