The 2019 CDI Pocket Guide

Nov 9, 2018



Keep vital information at your fingertips with the new 2019 edition of the #1 best-selling authoritative CDI Pocket Guide by authors Dr. Richard Pinson and Cynthia Tang, now in its 12th edition.

This succinct yet thorough resource sharpens your diagnostic accuracy for coding, minimizes inconsistencies, improves quality measures, and boosts DRG accuracy.  Its five sections—Guidelines, Key References, Comorbid Conditions, and the MS-DRG Table—are designed for quick and easy reference.

Whether you’re a CDI specialist, coding specialist, or physician adviser, with this handy reference guide you will be able to:

  • Access best-in-class clinical knowledge
  • Understand the major clinical diagnostic challenges
  • Find authoritative answers to all your questions
  • Zero in on the most pertinent coding rules to collaborate effectively with your coding colleagues
  • Expand your clinical knowledge to improve your communication with physicians

Each year, we research, revise, and clarify the content to update the CDI Pocket Guide.  We capture significant changes in clinical diagnostic standards, ICD-10 codes, Official Coding Guidelines, Coding Clinic, and compliance issues, as well as accommodate useful feedback from readers. We also share wisdom we have accumulated from our decades of experience as consultants helping hospitals sculpt their documentation and coding practices to their needs.

Important updates for 2019 include:

  • New myocardial infarction definitions (Fourth Universal Definition)
  • Comprehensive update to Malnutrition section including ASPEN and new global (GLIM) guidelines
  • Revamp of Complications of Care
  • New clinical topics: Rhabdomyolysis, Bronchitis/COPD, Coagulation Disorders, Electrolyte Disorders, Pulmonary Heart Disease, Substance Abuse
  • Clarification of diabetic complications and “with” coding guidelines
  • Important changes for encephalopathy
  • Advice on Unrelated OR Procedure DRGs
  • New and updated medical resource references
  • Latest HCC version and diagnoses

and much more…

The CDI Pocket Guide continues to be the essential, go-to resource for anyone involved in CDI, whether you’re just beginning or you have years of experience.

Available now.

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ISBN: 978-0-9827664-9-1



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“The CDI Pocket Guide is a practical, portable reference that the CDS can carry in his/her pocket and easily reference while reviewing the medical record versus cumbersome reference manuals with stickies and notes throughout.”


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“The most important part of the CDI pocket guide for me is the education it provides, allowing me in turn to properly train our physicians to use proper terminology when documenting in the medical record, supporting severity of illness and ensuring an accurate professional profile.”


“A compact and concise manual to assist with coding to improve DRG assignment. Handiest, comprehensive coding guidelines tool at your fingertips. I don’t code without it!”