CDI Pocket Guide Digital Editions for Physicians

Apr 19, 2017

The CDI Pocket Guide in digital format (Adobe Digital Editions eBook and iOS mobile app) that provides easy access to the best-selling CDI Pocket Guide content you know and love.

Features – Adobe Digital eBook:

  • Easy access to all CDI Pocket Guide content on your desktop PC, laptop, or any mobile device (iOS or Android) – perfect for your Physician Advisor or physicians new to CDI
  • Ability to: Highlight Text – Make Notes / Annotations — Bookmark – Search Text
  • Weblinks to all authoritative criteria and clinical references

Features – CDI+MD iOS Mobile App:

  • CDI Quick Reference app for Physicians
  • Easy access to CDI Key Terms for MDs:
  • Definition, Diagnostic Criteria, Recommended Terminology
  • 12 month subscription for 3 users that includes real-time updates
  • Weblinks to all authoritative criteria and references