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How well are you doing?

Are there opportunities to further advance your CDI Program?  Take this self-assessment to find out.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your CDI program successful but you feel it could do better or would like to expand?
  • Do you feel your physician advisor could be used more effectively?
  • Are your CDI specialists, coders, and physicians all on the same page regarding diagnostic criteria for key diagnoses?
  • Are you familiar with pay-for-performance and your hospital’s quality initiatives but unsure how to incorporate them into your CDI process?
  • Do you know how to measure the success of your CDI program?
  • Could your physician query responses improve?
  • Is it difficult to engage your medical staff?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, there are still opportunities to advance your program to stay ahead of the curve.

We can help you identify the strengths and opportunities associated with your existing program and provide insights into program design which would be most effective for your organization and best practice.

And… provide the Education and Training your staff needs.

We provide:


We provide classroom, hands-on training for your CDI and inpatient coding specialists as well as tailored seminars for physicians and other healthcare practitioners.



We can help you identify the strengths and opportunities associated with your existing program and provide insights into program design that are most effective for your organization.



Coming soon:
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