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Trauma Part 2 Quiz

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1) A patient is admitted following a MVC with blunt head trauma and no loss of consciousness. CT shows a cerebral contusion with surrounding cerebral edema. IV dexamethasone is ordered. What ICD-10 code is assigned for cerebral edema?
2) When there is dehiscence of a repaired traumatic wound, assign code T81.32XA, Disruption of internal operation (surgical) wound.
3) Which of the following CT findings does not indicate the presence of brain compression?
4) A 22-year-old male presented to the hospital with a stab wound to the back with 6 cm laceration of the right kidney. Which ICD-10 code(s) would be assigned?
5) A 76-year-old male fell on his right side landing on his wheelchair. He had no LOC, positive bruising to the right chest and arms. CT showed acute fractures of right ribs 8-9 with small pneumothorax and extensive subcutaneous emphysema; small right hemothorax, right lower lung contusion/ hematoma. Repeat CT showed moderate right hemopneumothorax with right 8th-9th rib fractures, RLL cavitary mass/hematoma and surrounding lung contusion, subcutaneous air right chest wall up to neck. Hip x-ray showed left superior pubic ramus fracture. Right chest tube was inserted. What is the principal diagnosis?
6) Traumatic rhabdomyolysis is characterized by ALL of the following except:
7) Diagnostic criteria for shock include all of the following EXCEPT:
8) Which of the following is not true about the Glasgow Coma Scale?
9) Traumatic retroperitoneal hematoma is assigned to which ICD-10 code:
10) Which of the following organs is located in the retroperitoneal space?
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