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Substance Use, Abuse, and Dependence Quiz

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1) All the following psychoactive substances are considered drugs EXCEPT:
2) Which of the following substance use diagnoses are classified as a CC (comorbidity/complication) for MS-DRGs:
3) The diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder include the following problematic behaviors EXCEPT:
4) All the following are classified as “substance-induced disorders” EXCEPT:
5) A combination code is assigned from categories F10-F19, Mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use, any time a patient with a substance abuse or dependence diagnosis also has documented anxiety, mood disorder, sleep disorder, or sexual dysfunction based on the "with" guideline.
6) 42-year-old with a long history of heroin abuse is admitted for acute exacerbation of COPD. Treated with albuterol, IV solumedrol. Final diagnosis is “COPD exacerbation due to inhalation of heroin.” This would be considered a:
7) Signs and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include all the following EXCEPT:
8) When a provider documents both alcohol abuse and dependence, only the code for alcohol dependence is assigned.
9) An individual with symptoms of tolerance and withdrawal occurring during appropriate use of prescribed opioid analgesics given as part of medical treatment would be diagnosed as having:
10) An individual with severe cardiomyopathy due to chronic cocaine abuse and dependence was admitted for severe dyspnea and diagnosed with acute on chronic heart failure. Patient admits to using cocaine on a daily basis. The drug use would be coded as:
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