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Respiratory Failure

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1) An 82-year-old patient is admitted with bilateral lower lobe pneumonia and severe dyspnea with respiratory rate of 26. Room air ABG: pH = 7.48, pCO2 32, pO2 55. What type of respiratory failure is suggested by the ABG?
2) ABG criteria for acute hypercapnic respiratory failure is
3) A P/F ratio of 265 is indicative of
4) An 80-year-old patient is admitted with increasing dyspnea and acute exacerbation of COPD, who does not use home oxygen. Pulse 95, respiratory rate 22. Arterial blood gas: pH 7.42, pCO2 38, pO2 85 on 2 liters oxygen. This patient meets criteria for:
5) A 70-year-old patient with a history of CHF and COPD on 2 liters home oxygen is admitted with increasing dyspnea. Pulse 100, respiratory rate 22, CXR shows small bilateral pleural effusions. Arterial blood gas: pH 7.40, pCO2 38, pO2 65 on 28% oxygen. She was treated with IV Lasix and oxygen at 2L/minute. Does this patient meet diagnostic criteria for acute on chronic hypoxemic respiratory failure?
6) P/F ratio of 325 is indicative of:
7) The VBG can be used to recognize all of the following EXCEPT:
8) Patients admitted with cerebral hemorrhage who are intubated and ventilated for airway protection alone has acute respiratory failure.
9) Acute on chronic hypoxemic respiratory failure is recognized by all of the following EXCEPT:
10)Arterial blood gas shows a pO2 of 80 on 3 liters oxygen. What is the P/F ratio?
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