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Myocardial Injury, Ischemia & Infarction

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1) The following types of myocardial ischemia are due to coronary artery disease EXCEPT:
2) A non-ischemic cause of elevated troponin levels is:
3) The following are assigned to code I21.A1, Myocardial infarction Type 2 EXCEPT:
4) A patient is admitted with pulmonary embolism and elevated troponins > 99th percentile that trended down. Patient has no symptoms and echo shows no wall motion abnormalities. Physician diagnosis is “myocardial injury due to PE.” What ICD-10 code would best describe these circumstances?
5) A patient is admitted with chest tightness and shortness of breath and found to have anemia due to GI bleeding. Labs: Hgb 6.1, Troponins = 2.0, 3.4, 2.6 (Ref Range 0.00−0.04). EKG unremarkable. Transfused 2 units PRBC with relief of symptoms. Further GI workup to be done as outpatient and patient was discharged with HGB 8.8. What is the probable diagnosis associated with the elevated troponin levels?
6) Non-ischemic causes of troponin elevation can be both cardiac or non-cardiac in origin.
7) A patient is admitted with severe chest pain and HS-troponin 452 (URL < 60), EKG showed ST elevation. Cardiac cath reveals coronary thrombosis and the patient is transferred to another hospital for CABG. This clinical scenario indicates a diagnosis of:
8) Causes of chronically elevated troponin levels include all the following EXCEPT:
9) Unstable angina and demand ischemia are types of myocardial ischemia, but elevated troponin levels are not associated with these diagnoses.
Patient admitted on May 2 initially for NSTEMI treated with stent and discharged. Patient was readmitted on May 25 for pneumonia and “s/p recent MI”. H&P and discharge summary noted “recent MI 5/2/2023.” There was no evaluation or treatment of the recent MI during the admission. No troponin levels were ordered. What code would be assigned for the recent MI?
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