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Encephalopathy Quiz

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1) The mental status components effected by acute encephalopathy include all of the following EXCEPT:
2) When a patient is admitted for “encephalopathy due to UTI”, the principal diagnosis is:
3) The following are causes of acute toxic encephalopathy EXCEPT:
4) 32-year-old male with history of Fentanyl overdose three years ago that resulted in prolonged respiratory arrest and 60-day hospitalization. Patient is admitted for RLE cellulitis. Neuro exam showed poor long- and short-term memory, labile mood, disorientation, and minimal verbal response. This clinical scenario indicates:
5) The following ICD-10 encephalopathy codes are MCCs except:
6) A 21-year-old female college student drank one liter of Vodka in 30 minutes at a frat party. She was admitted to the hospital with incoherent speech, combativeness, and obtundation. Blood alcohol 475 mg/dL. This clinical scenario represents:
7) The following are causes of acute metabolic encephalopathy EXCEPT:
8) 85-year-old female admitted from home with decreased responsiveness. According to the family she is normally alert and oriented, but is bedbound with a history of dementia, and has a caretaker. Exam reveals patient responds to name, follows commands intermittently, but lethargic. CT negative for acute stroke. Diagnosed with multiple chronic embolic strokes and dehydration and treated with IV fluids. Patient refusing to eat or drink. Family does not want to pursue further tests or medical treatment and desires patient to go home with hospice. GCS 14 on arrival and 14 on discharge. This clinical scenario represents:
9) Hepatic encephalopathy is characterized by all the following EXCEPT:
10) The primary difference between acute encephalopathy and chronic encephalopathy is:
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