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Acute Kidney Injury: Calculation and Confirmation

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1) Diagnostic criteria for AKI include all of the following EXCEPT:
2) The most common cause of acute kidney injury is:
3) Patient is admitted with nausea and vomiting, dehydration, and acute gastroenteritis. On admission her creatinine was 1.5, which decreased to 0.9 in two days with gentle hydration. What is the query opportunity?
4) Patient is admitted for diarrhea and dehydration. She is treated with a clear liquid diet and IV fluids. C. diff testing and stool cultures are negative. Daily creatinine levels were 1.9, 1.5, 1.4, and 1.5 on discharge. The provider documents a diagnosis of acute kidney injury (AKI). Is the diagnosis of acute kidney injury substantiated as clinically valid?
5) Treatment of acute kidney injury includes all of the following EXCEPT:
6) Patient is admitted with creatinine of 1.4 which decreases daily to 1.2 then 1.0 then 0.9 at discharge. What is the correct formula to determine if the patient has AKI?
7) Patient is admitted on June 1 and diagnosed with pulmonary embolism following CT angiography. Treated with IV bolus of 1000 cc on 6/3. Creatinine levels 6/1 to 6/5: 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 1.2, 0.8. What is the likely cause of the patient’s sudden creatinine level elevations?
8) Patient with CKD admitted for sepsis and pneumonia. Patient’s creatinine/GFR levels on admission 4.4/14, followed by 3.0/18, 2.6/28, and on discharge 2.5/27. The query opportunity is:
9) Patient with CKD-3 admitted on 11/18 for cellulitis treated with IV Vancomycin. Developed C. diff on 11/21 with profound diarrhea. Daily creatinine levels admission to discharge: 2.0, 2.3, 2.7, 2.6, 2.1, and diagnosed with acute kidney injury. This patient meets which diagnostic criteria for AKI:
10) Patient admitted on July 4 with a diagnosis of fracture of humerus, ABLA, and hyponatremia, and AKI. Creatinine levels admission to discharge: 1.12, 1.16, 1.33, 1.38, 1.25, 1.15. Is AKI substantiated as clinically valid based on these creatinine levels?
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