Outpatient CDI Pocket Guide: Focusing on HCCs

Sep 15, 2017


New from the authors of the best-selling CDI Pocket Guide comes the first definitive reference guide for outpatient CDI.

The Outpatient CDI Pocket Guide: Focusing on HCCs makes capturing the most important information for your outpatients (and inpatients) a matter of understanding certain basic principles. Once you do, HCCs will be a breeze (relatively speaking).

Authors Richard Pinson and Cynthia Tang clarify the chief considerations in outpatient reimbursement, documentation, and coding guidelines, and explain how HCCs affect hospitals, physicians and health plans. With this guide, you’ll learn where to spend your energy—and where not to.

You will benefit from this guide if you are a CDI or coding specialist, outpatient coder, risk adjustment specialist, nurse, or physician who seeks to:

  • Focus on areas of greatest impact as you expand your inpatient CDI program to the outpatient setting
  • Increase hospital and physician risk adjustments for value-based payments by improving capture of HCC diagnoses
  • Increase risk scores for a Medicare Advantage health plan
  • Ensure your practice or hospital’s outpatient coding meets clinical validation and documentation requirements

This book is your reference guide to steer you through outpatient CDI and HCCs.

Table of Contents

Price: $165.00
ISBN: 978-0-9827664


“I have just purchased the Outpatient CDI Pocket Guide Focusing on HCCs…I applaud you, STANDING OVATION!  This is so easy to use and concise when seeking a quick direction. I love this tool. Brilliant!”